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Since 2006, Deck Rescue has offered franchises to qualified men and women across the country. No construction or home improvement experience is required, nor is a college degree in Business Administration or other business-related field.

Instead, here’s the main qualification: a commitment toward excellence and a passion for customer service. We are looking for dedicated folks to carry on our long tradition of providing impeccable service above and beyond what is expected by our clients.

Some of the advantages of owning a Deck Rescue franchise include:

  • Relatively low start-up costs compared to other franchises: Working from your home eliminates a great deal of overhead such as rent, additional utilities, and storage/warehousing of chemicals and equipment.

  • Part-time flexibility: You can operate a Deck Rescue franchise while still maintaining your job or present career. As the business grows, you can then manage it full-time.

  • Seasonality: Most regions of the country have a winter off-season which allows you the ability to pursue other endeavors if you so choose.

  • Freedom: Rather than be encumbered in an office, restaurant or other confined space, being a Deck Rescue Franchisee affords you the luxury of working outdoors at various locations. No two days of work are ever the same.

  • Job satisfaction: Customers are constantly astounded by the before / after appearance of their deck or fence. Not only can you take pride in beautifying someone's home (and the neighborhood as a whole for that matter), but you can see first-hand the smiles on people's faces as the transformation of their deck or fence takes place. You yourself will be amazed as gray, dead wood springs back to life using our proven process.


With Deck Rescue, you learn fifteen years of business expertise in only two weeks, eliminating fatal errors and pitfalls that could ruin your business. You receive ongoing corporate training and support. You share in our corporate discounts on equipment, advertising and chemicals—all of which contribute substantially to higher profit margins.

Furthermore, as the franchise system grows and an entire region is established, we contribute dollars toward 'system-wide' advertising. This gives you the opportunity to purchase large-scale advertising such as TV, newspaper and radio that you could never afford on your own.


The wood restoration market is intriguing. There are literally thousands of decks, fences, wood-sided homes, playground sets and other exterior wood structures. Yet, few businesses exist to power-wash and seal all that wood. Many people are under the perception that pressure-treated lumber does not need to be sealed or stained. However, horizontal surfaces like decks require treatment roughly every two years. Vertical surfaces like fencing and siding require treatment every four or five years.

That translates into job security and peace of mind for Deck Rescue franchisees.

David Hydock, President, recalls, "I worked in the corporate world in Cleveland after graduating from John Carroll University in 1992. The garage space for my car at home was bigger than my work cubicle... I found that somewhat disheartening. I remember saving my vacation days for the winter, so when a blizzard hit I could stay home. Why risk my life driving to my job, knowing that no matter how hard I worked, someone was going to profit more from my labor?”


With a Deck Rescue Franchise, by the third or fourth year your business will begin to kick into "cruise control." By then, the repeat and referral business will be coming in quite steadily. Decks have to be restored every couple of years, granting you perpetual job security.

By utilizing Deck Rescue's system of restoring a typical-sized deck in only two hours, you will be able to handle the steady stream of jobs coming in. In addition, by learning these techniques from one of the most award-winning contractors in the nation, your profits will not be compromised by time-consuming callbacks and complaints.

Read The Franchise King's interview with owner Dave Hydock about why owning a Deck Rescue franchise makes sense for those wanting a flexible schedule, fresh air and working locally. Read the article here.


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