Deck Rescue is no stranger to working on commercial projects.

From condominium associations and HOA's ranging from 5 to 250 units, Deck Rescue has done it all!

We take meticulous care to protect surrounding areas by doing extensive prepwork prior to staining.

While we are fast and efficient, we also understand that cleanliness is key to achieving homeowner satisfaction. Members of Community Association Institute since 2009, Deck Rescue has the experience and know-how to give property managers confidence in our restoration techniques.

Deck Rescue has proudly provided services for the following major property management firms:

  • Associated Property Management

  • Case Bowen

  • Continental Management

  • Lawrence Management

  • Renner Management

These firms award us contracts for multi-unit homeowners associations, sometimes involving over 100 units at a time.

We are also members of Community Associations Institute (CAI), which is a national organization of property managers and Homeowners Association (HOA) members. Only elite contractors maintain properties for CAI, as rigorous standards are required for its service providers.

At Deck Rescue, we pay attention to the many facets involved in a commercial job. We perform our work in a timely, organized fashion so as not to interfere with the day-to-day operations of businesses or HOA residents.

Exceptional communication is essential, as is the need for the top-notch employees on the Deck Rescue team. They perform all work in a clean and efficient manner while showing courtesy to the residents/business clients.

Deck Rescue has proudly provided services for the following businesses, cities, and organizations:

Venetian Marina - BEFORE

Venetian Marina - BEFORE

Venetian Marina - AFTER

Venetian Marina - AFTER