Deck Rescue does more than just decks. Concrete driveways are also a part of our repertoire.

Concrete driveway services include a thorough power washing to remove dirt, mold, and mildew. We also offer the option of a sealant application to waterproof concrete driveways or brick/concrete patios.

The chemicals we use are non-toxic and care is taken to protect surrounding vegetation from the power washing process.

Cleaning and sealing should both be done roughly every two years, depending upon exposure to the elements.

Stamped concrete and brick patios should also be washed and sealed on a regular basis. For these structures, homeowners have a choice of two products: a matte finish which dries perfectly clear, or a glossy "wet" look for a more stunning look. In either case, treatments should be done every two years to minimize cracking caused from freeze / thaw cycles.