Deck Rescue offers two different types of deck washing: Deck Stripping and Deck Brightening.


1 – Deck Stripping

We use a 100% biodegradable stripping enzyme. Be mindful that no stripping agent, no matter how heavily or how many times applied, will remove 100% of the old stain from your deck. In most cases, 90% - 95% is the norm.

Vertical surfaces such as spindles and/or heavily-coated floor boards may not completely come clean. However, when the sealant is applied to these areas the sealant typically blends in quite well. To achieve 100% removal, sanding is required at an additional hourly rate (should our schedule permit it).

PLEASE NOTE: After being stripped, it is not uncommon for your deck to require a maintenance coating the following year. While we apply two to three liberal coats of sealant to your deck, most of those oils and pigments make their way down to the CORE of the wood rather than remaining on the surface. Thus, your deck may appear light or uneven the following season.

If you so desire, Deck Rescue will apply a maintenance coat of toner at a fraction of your original price the year after your deck has been stripped. This treatment will optimize color retention and allow you to wait two to three years before restoring your deck again.


2 – Deck Brightening

This service utilizes a wood cleaner that…

  1. Removes gray wood fibers and kills mildew and mold.

  2. Oxygenates the wood to make it more porous. This allows the sealant to penetrate deeper to the core of the board.

In general, the use of a Deck Brightener, as opposed to merely washing with water, increases the longevity of the treatment by as much as 50%. This can save the homeowner hundreds, even thousands of dollars in repeat treatments throughout the life of their deck.

The foaming action of Deck Brightener is as effective as it is fascinating to watch! Your deck, fence, log home, gazebo or play set will literally "bubble" as the wood contaminants safely melt away from your investment.