Maintenance Tips for Deck Preservation

Here are some simple techniques to keep your deck looking new!

With these three easy steps, you will be amazed at how beautiful your deck can be even after installation.

  1. Rinse it frequently, removing bird droppings and leaves. Never use bleach as a cleaning agent. Bleach destroys the wood's cellular structure.

  2. Once a year give it a thorough cleaning using deck brightener/cleaner found at home improvement stores. You don't want to remove the coating; simply give it a mild cleaning. Perform this task on a cool, cloudy day -- never in direct sunlight. Pre-wet the deck, apply the cleaner (not a wood stripper), then scrub or lightly power-wash the soap off. Or, simply hire Deck Rescue to tackle the task to qualify for our Loyalty Rewards Program!

  3. Sunlight is nature's most damaging element, far worse than rain or snow. It is what turns your wood gray and causes the boards to shrink and crack. Provide shade for your deck if at all possible with an awning (preferably installed by Deck Rescue!) or by planting trees.

Your deck will thank you and you will enjoy it so much more!

Geof Pelaia