Newly Treated Deck? Here's How To Keep it Looking Its Best

New deck or newly treated deck from Deck Rescue?

Congratulations! Here's how to keep it looking its best.

First of all, you will notice after your initial treatment that the wood no longer has its glassy smooth surface.  This is because pressure-treated lumber is injected with a 7% concentration of paraffin wax, which gives it temporary water-repellency while sitting at the lumber yard waiting to become your deck.

We must remove this wax in order for our sealant to penetrate. You may notice raised wood fibers or “fuzziness” when your deck is completed. This is completely normal, and the wood fibers will subside over time.

The next observation you should make as you look across the surface of your new deck is the color. You see probably 4 or 5 various tones. These variations will be visible even after we seal your deck. We did not unevenly or undercoat the boards. It is precisely this multi-tonal effect that makes wood such a beautiful building material versus plastic, vinyl or composite.

Next, understand that your deck is organic; it is alive and constantly changing. For its entire existence, the wood has been in a vertical position -- free to sway, expand and contract at its leisure. In order to become your deck it has been chopped down, injected with foreign chemicals at extremely high pressures and temperatures, sliced into rectangular pieces and laid horizontally in an immobile position on your deck.

Expect the wood to react accordingly over the years if left untreated. Even with proper treatment, however, please understand that your exterior wooden structures will inevitably show signs of aging.

The last thing you want to do to a living thing is expose it to direct sunlight on a daily basis. On a 90-degree day, the temperature of your floor can reach 140-degrees in direct sunlight!

Expect excessive board shrinking, cracking and wood scaling if you do not provide shade for your new deck. Wood, like humans, can only tolerate so much sun. We recommend planting trees around your deck, or consider installing an awning to deflect harmful UV rays.

The good news is that by keeping your deck (or for that matter your fence, log home, gazebo or dock) on a regular maintenance schedule, you will greatly reduce the harmful effects of Mother Nature.

Once signed on with Deck Rescue, we contact you two years from your date of service to remind you to schedule an inspection for a repeat treatment. Our UV-resistant coatings will preserve your new structures for years to come and add beauty to your property.

Thank you again for your business and enjoy your new deck!

Geof Pelaia